From a Crystal Set to High Speed Jets

 Grandpa's always seem to have many stories to tell to their grandkids and I had a lot of both, grandkids and stories. After describing to one of my grandsons how I stalled the school bus by jamming potatoes up the exhaust pipe, he said, “ Grandpa! You really didn’t do that!” I admitted to that and a few other high school activities and it occurred to me that I should record my life stories for my family. It’s a long stretch, some 80 years of what one might call a ”non standard’ life that began in 1926. I tried a little bit of everything and had some very interesting experiences. Perhaps ten years ago I began writing a series of short stories about my past and my wife encouraged me to put them together in a more coordinated memoir. Stir in some of my old photos and my artwork, and ,Voila!, A book. It’s a home grown creation , self published, and available through